Disability Insurance In Nova Scotia


Self-employment coverage

Tony, Mario and Paul are all partners in their Masonry business. They were frustrated with the mounting costs associated with their coverage through WSIB (Workman’s Safety and Insurance Board).


Customized insurance coverage

After our initial meeting and a full review of their circumstances, I made them aware that as they are all owners of their company, they would be able to opt out of their WSIB coverage and set up their own coverage if they chose to do so.


Better coverage AND money saved
  • They have better coverage (24 hours/day, 7 days/week vs. injury only on the job site)
  • They will also save a staggering 70% on their annual premiums they were paying to the WSIB.
  • They are currently looking at adding sickness coverage to their injury only plans which will cost them more but would still be significantly less than what they were paying before. If they decide to add the coverage we would be able to provide a 15% discount to their premiums as three or more people are applying for coverage.
Bundle up and save!

Did you know that “bundling” insurance can save you much more and provide better claims coverage?

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