My Driving Discount

Usage Based Car Insurance Saves Good Drivers Money! With Usage Based Car Insurance you can make your good driving habits pay off with significant savings.

The my Driving Discount program offered by Intact Insurance, recognizes your good driving habits and could save you up to 25%* on your car insurance!

Why Enrol In The Intact my Driving Discount Insurance Program?

  • Get immediate 10% savings: You will get a 10%* discount just for signing up.
  • Greater savings as you drive: Save up to 25%* more for being a good driver.
  • Simple to set up: Your small my Driving Discount device is mailed to you and plugs easily into your car. You only need to use it for a 6 to 9 month assessment period.
  • Good driving will bring good savings: The device measures 3 driving behaviours – hard braking, rapid acceleration and the time of day you drive. Get rewarded for your good driving habits.
  • Track your driving and savings: Access your driving profile on a secure, personalized website and see your projected savings.
  • You’re in control: You pay a car insurance premium based on how you drive, not others. You have better control over insurance costs when you’re rewarded for your good driving.
  • IT’S RISK FREE: No matter how you drive, your premiums WILL NOT increase based on the data collected. You get significant savings from your good driving habits. Or you learn what habits need to be improved to achieve greater savings. In any event, you can’t lose!
Bundle up and save!

Did you know that “bundling” insurance can save you much more and provide better claims coverage?

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1. Sign Up And Save 10%!

Signing up for the my Driving Discount program is quick, easy and saves you money right away. You get an automatic 10%* discount as soon as you sign up. Enrol in the my Driving Discount program through a Strum Insurance broker by calling 1-888-798-2281.

2. Plug In For The 6-9 Month Trial Period

Your my Driving Discount device will arrive in the mail a few days after you sign up for the program. It’s easy to set up. If you can plug in a toaster, you should have no problem plugging the device into your vehicle’s OBD port. (Don’t worry if you’ve never seen or heard of it. You’ll find your vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic connector within two feet of your steering column.)

Once you’re plugged in and you’ve started your car, you’re connected. You’ll then receive an email with a user name and password giving you access to your personalized my Driving Discount website.

After 6 to 9 months of using the device there will be enough data to determine your savings. A pre-paid envelope will be sent to you and you can remove the device and return it by mail.

3. Drive On Like You Normally Do

Start driving – and start to see how much you can save. After 30 days, there will be enough data collected to calculate what you’re on track to save. Will it be 10%? 15%? On your personalized website, you’ll learn how you can improve your driving habits to save more.

After 6 to 9 months, there will be enough information to know how much you’ll be able to save on your next renewal. Will it be 16%? 21%? Depending on your existing or improved driving habits, you could save as much as 25%* off your car insurance when it comes time to renew. Call 1-888-798-2281 to get a quote or learn more about my Drivers Discount from Intact.

How Does Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Work?

When you plug the my Driving Discount device into your car, it makes a wireless connection to satellites, much like a GPS device you might already have in your car, on your smartphone or in your wristwatch. That’s how we collect the data we need to help you save. Based on the kilometers you drive, only three factors are considered: your braking, acceleration, and time of day driven.

Going easy on the brakes is easier on the wallet.

While sometimes unavoidable, hard braking increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. To avoid a hard braking event (which is defined as decelerating 12 km/h in less than 1 second), keep your eyes and mind on vehicles around you. Maintain a safe speed and distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

By not accelerating your car, you can accelerate savings.

Rapid acceleration increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. Allowing enough time to get your destination safely is probably the easiest way to avoid the excessive acceleration (defined as accelerating 12 km/h in less than 1 second) that could affect your discount.

Avoiding driving later can bring you savings sooner.

With factors such as reduced visibility and increased fatigue, driving between midnight and 4 a.m. has been statistically proven to increase the risk of being involved in an accident. So if you can avoid doing much driving during high-risk times, you’ll begin building projected savings sooner.

Why Are More People Turning To The Benefits of Usage Based Car Insurance?

While telematics has been used as the foundation of usage based car insurance for some time in Europe and the United States, it’s still quite new to drivers in Canada and the Maritimes.

Strum Insurance, one of Nova Scotia’s oldest and most respected home, auto and business insurance company, is a leader in protecting things that are important to Nova Scotians. That includes protecting the money you’ve earned – by helping you save more of it.

* Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. See the full Terms of Use on Intact Insurance’s website for further details.

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