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As an independent auto insurance broker, we are not limited to only certain products from certain companies. We maintain relationships with several insurance companies. We will carefully assess your car insurance needs, then search for the product that best meets your requirements. We will make every effort to ensure you receive the most extensive coverage possible for the best price paid.

In fact, we are bound by the Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia Code of Ethics to obtain the best possible auto insurance coverage and rate for our clients. “The Nova Scotia insurance broker advantage is unique. When you place your trust in a local insurance broker – a person who works and lives in your community – who is more able to understand your specific needs. That’s what you get from a Nova Scotia auto insurance broker.”

With over 80 years’ experience, we have a stellar reputation when it comes to providing exceptional value and quality service to our customers.

That’s what makes Strum Insurance broker customers happy: we provide them with choice which leads to cheaper car insurance. Our success has come from ensuring that we have many car insurance carriers to provide you with several cheap auto insurance quotes. To date we have over a dozen car insurance companies and we continue to add more – so no matter where you live, your age or your past driving record – as auto insurance brokers will always provide you with many cheap auto insurance quotes and let you choose the most affordable plan that best fits your needs. We save you money!

There are more than twenty auto insurance companies in Nova Scotia offering business car insurance. But no two will offer you the same commercial insurance package and rate. That’s why it makes sense to get quotes online – or speak to a true commercial insurance specialist – who can tailor the best possible package of coverage for you and your business needs. Great coverage at the best price is what you’ll get from Strum Insurance experts.

There are more than twenty classic car insurance companies in Nova Scotia; some companies offer affordable insurance rates, some do not. One driver can have a range of quotes – from very expensive to truly cheap classic car insurance. Nova Scotia antique auto insurance companies alter the way they underwrite and assess risk on a regular basis. These small adjustments can mean the difference to getting cheap insurance in Nova Scotia. Never settle with one, two or even three quotes – compare multiple quotes from multiple companies – all in one place. It’s the smart way to ensure you’ll be getting the best classic car insurance available. Read more here.

Bundle up and save!

Did you know that “bundling” insurance can save you much more and provide better claims coverage?

More Choice of Insurance Providers Gives You a Better Price and Plan

The best way to get cheap auto insurance in Nova Scotia is by getting quotes from all carriers. No two companies will give you the same rate and coverage and this changes on a regular basis. We serve you rates from all insurance carriers in Nova Scotia in a simple format so that you always get the cheapest rate and full coverage. If getting the best price is important to you, then let us show you who offers it.

Access to Great Rates for Types of Nova Scotia Drivers

No matter what type of driver you are, cautious and conservative, defensive or a high risk, we serve up the best rates. That’s because we know that no two drivers are alike – and no two auto insurance company is alike. It’s about finding the right fit for each individual driver. Our customers are shocked with how much one car insurance company rate will differ in quote from another. Often this means only one insurance company is the best and cheapest for you, in a pool of more than twelve providers! This is why choice is your best bet for great Nova Scotia car insurance.

Best Car Insurance in Nova ScotiaProudly serving Halifax and Nova Scotia for over 80 years. See why thousands choose Strum Insurance for their Nova Scotia auto insurance coverage. Compare quotes and start saving on your Car & Auto Insurance now!

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Simply use our Get Quote app by entering some basic information to receive no less than 8 quotes. You then choose the rate you want to pay based on the selection and coverages you want. Or simply call us – or drop by one of our branches – and we’ll serve up the same quotes for you in about 5 minutes.

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You’ll be served with all our insurance carriers products and services that will cover any insurance need you may have. We’re big on giving you choice of options and this extends to car, home, commercial or business, cottage or motorcycle insurance.

With Strum Insurance you get Insurance in Halifax and Nova Scotia for all your insurance needs – Home InsuranceCommercial InsuranceLife Insurance and much more. See why so many Nova Scotians have come to trust us for their insurance needs for more than 80 years!

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