Emergency Contact Numbers

Head Office:  85 Gerrish Street Windsor, Nova Scotia, B0N 2T0 

Toll Free:  +1-888-798-2281

    After hours emergency contact numbers

    In the unlikely event you have to make a claim after these hours, and require immediate assistance, please call one of the numbers listed below:

    INTACT Claims/Nordic   +1-800-565-4040  atlantic.newclaims@intact.net

    HAGERTY Claims   claims@hagerty.com

    PEMBRIDGE / PAFCO Claims   +1-800-561-7222 eastclaims@pembridge.com

    TRAVELERS Claims   +1-800-268-4543 newclaims@travelers.com

    AGILE Claims  claims@agileuw.ca

    ANDERSON McTague Claims   claims@andersonmctague.com 

    OASIS Claims  claims@oasisins.ca

    TOTTEN Claims   tottenclaims@scm.ca

    Bundle up and save!

    Did you know that “bundling” insurance can save you much more and provide better claims coverage?

    Our promise to you

    Occasionally the unfortunate necessity arises and you need to make a claim. Strums seek to provide claimants with all possible support and commits to…

    • Submitting any required supporting documentation in an efficient and timely fashion.
    • Assisting our clients as required in preparing and presenting claims information to insurers.
    • In the event of a catastrophic loss, proactively negotiating on your behalf for a favorable settlement.
    • Monitoring insurer response and the claims settlement process to ensure client satisfaction.
    • Reviewing insurer claims reports for accuracy.
    • Maintaining claims statistics to assist with accurate market presentations and program design.
    • Assisting our clients to develop standard claim reporting procedures.
    • Maintaining accurate claims records including details of all settlement amounts, expenses, and outstanding reserves.
    • Maintaining toll-free numbers for emergency claims submissions, in operation 24/7.

    After all, Claims are the reason we exist!

    How to file a car insurance claim

    Assuming you’re safe and uninjured, document the accident and try to get the following info at the scene to make the claims process a little smoother:

    • Names of all drivers involved
    • Number of people in each car
    • Addresses of other drivers involved
    • Phone numbers
    • Names of other drivers’ insurance companies
    • Other drivers’ policy numbers
    • Phone numbers/addresses of their insurance companies (if they have them on hand)
    • License plate numbers of other cars
    • Descriptions of other cars involved in accident (year, make, model)
    • Witness information (names and numbers)
    • Photos of the damage

    Even if you consider yourself at fault in the accident, we suggest you don’t admit fault as you cooperate with police at the scene. This may become important down the road.