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From humble beginnings, Strum Insurance has grown to four offices, with 15 employees. Our success is owed to our clients. It is our belief that insurance customers come first. In an age of Insurance Company-owned brokerages, our office remains independent, and family owned. We believe that our customers value choice and independent advice. Strum Insurance continues to place our customers first! As one of Nova Scotia’s best insurance brokers, our promise is to offer competitive insurance products, at competitive prices.

At Strum Insurance we work for you, our client, to find the best value for your insurance dollar. We provide the information you need to ensure that you make well-informed decisions. In the event of a claim, we will ensure that you are handled properly and fairly.

We strive to deliver the best protection, at the best price. We currently represent some of the largest and most financially stable insurance companies in our industry. Our companies are consistently ranked the highest in products and claims service.

If you are looking for honest advice, a great price, and the service that you deserve… Give us a call, email or drop by. Let Strum Insurance work for you.

Proudly serving Nova Scotia for over 80 years, see why thousands choose Strum Insurance for their Nova Scotia insurance coverage.

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Our History

  • 1917

    Our founder John E. Strum began his career selling life insurance

    From early beginnings in life insurance, Mr. Strum spent the following 3 decades growing his business and expanding into home, auto and business insurance.

  • 1947

    Mr. Strum’s eldest son, Roger and later Paul Strum took over the business

    The business was incorporated under Roger E. Strum Ltd, and continued to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, Roger Strum’s life was cut short by a sudden illness in 1957. Upon Roger Strum’s death, the business was then taken over by his brother, Paul Strum.

  • 1970

    John W. Strum joined the company

    A new office building was built on Gerrish Street in Windsor, and the business continued to grow. John W. Strum joined the company in 1970 after spending several years in Bridgewater working as an insurance adjuster.

  • 1977

    John W. Strum purchased the business

    John W. Strum purchased the business in 1977, and has owned and operated it ever since. For over ten years, his son, Jonathan, now works with him in the same office.

Our founder John E Strum

Our Expert Team

“Buying local” often means paying more in order to support local business, employment and your community. What you may not know is that buying local is usually a better quality product, and can give you a sense of pride when you support locally. We’d like to show you how supporting a local business here in your community can not only provide you with all the benefits of buying local, but can get you what you need at a competitive price. With over 80 years of expertise, we are one of the best insurance brokers available.

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